Glass Pet Flaps

Glass Installation

If you wish to get a dog or cat flap for your pet, but don’t want to damage your home or door then look no further. 

These flaps installed into your glass door make it possible for our dogs and cats to easily go in and out of the house as they please without having to try and get the attention of someone. In other words, you are not going to be frequently hassled by your pets when they feel like going out. This is indeed truly important. Installing a dog or cat flap into your double glazing can also allow your pet to be left home alone for longer periods of time. Allowing your pets to make the most of your home when you aren’t around.

We can fit any cat flap or small dog door into a glass unit that can be then installed into your window, door, or patio/ french door. We will measure the size of the glass unit already installed in your home and have a custom replica be made with a hole pre-cut to install your cat flap. This will take about a week then we will come and install it for you at your earliest convenience. 

Choosing Your Flap

Choosing the right cat or dog flap for your home can be difficult, there are many options out there. There are many things you have to consider which include; the type of flap, size of flap, security, and the type of door the flap is being installed into.

Although many cat and dog flaps state that DIY installation is possible, don’t go drilling holes into your door without any form of direction, as any slight damage can cause misting of your glass and air entering into your home.

Depending on the size of pet you have we will advise you on the correct sort of pet flap if you wish to see the products we use look at cat flaps or dog flaps.

For further advice call-  03337721851 

cat flap glass french door
cat flap glass back door patterned glass
dog flap glass french door

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