Pet Flaps in Brick Walls

Brick Wall Installation

We Can install a cat flap into any wall that is nonbearing and made of brick, render or breeze block. This will be done with no damage to the internal plastering of your home and completed in a couple of pf hours dependent n the wall. 

We do this by hollowing out a hole from a stencil and drilling it out then carefully going through to the other side with a long drill bit. We then build a tunnel for though the middle for the cat to walk on and secure the flap on both sides protecting it against weathering 

Choosing Your Flap

Choosing the right cat or dog flap for your home can be difficult, there are many options out there. There are many things you have to consider which include; the type of flap, size of flap, security, and the type of door the flap is being installed into.

Although many cat and dog flaps state that DIY installation is possible, don’t go drilling holes into your door without any form of direction, as any slight damage can cause misting of your glass and air entering into your home.

Depending on the size of pet you have we will advise you on the correct sort of pet flap if you wish to see the products we use look at cat flaps or dog flaps.

For further advice call-  03337721851 

cat flap brick exterior wall
cat flap external brick wall
sureflap microchip cat flap brick wall

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