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Beau Monde Construction is a building group which operates in many areas. This site focuses on Pet Flap Installation which comes easily to us as we mainly specialise in doors and windows.

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Pet Flap Installation

We Install both Cat Flaps and Dog Flaps in multiple sizes and models, This includes microchip and smart cat flaps. As provided by surepetcare.

We also use brands PetSafe and Pet Tek depending on the animal it’s for and whether it’s going in glass brick or a door. Our team is trained with many years of experience this means not only can we install your flap in a wide array of unique places but we can also recommend where the pet flap should go based on our experience.

Choosing Your Flap

Choosing the right cat or dog flap for your home can be difficult, there are many options out there. There are many things you have to consider which include; the type of flap, size of flap, security, and the type of door the flap is being installed into. However if you are unsure are team are experts and they will be able to tell you.

What are you having your cat flap installed into?

Superior Glass Service

cat flap brick wall
Velux window in slate new install

Our Most Efficient Year

We have been rapidly expanding over the last few years and growing Beau Monde Construction into one of the larger window installers n the UK. We also specialised in Velux windows and Roofing which you can see more on below on our other sites.

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